When I installed Windows Live Mail (WLM) in Windows 7 (about 3 months ago) I had problems getting my OE contacts info from my XP PC to be recognised. After exporting and importing and generally fiddling around it apparently imported all my contacts from my Hotmail account. It also established a link to that account so that now when the contacts window is displayed the heading is "Windows Live Contacts (from XXXXXX@hotmail.com)"

Now, whenever I try to delete a contact from within WLM, the message comes up "This contact will also be deleted from Hotmail, Messenger and other Windows Live services."

I also have a folder C:/Users/Bob/Contacts which contain all my contacts but this is not used by WLM. Each time I add, edit or remove a contact the Hotmail version is changed but the C:/Users/Bob/Contacts is unaltered. Incidently, each contact entry in this folder is a separate file with a file extension of .contact

How can I get rid of the current contacts from within WLM without deleting those in Hotmail i.e. how can I break the link between WLM and Hotmail and then how can I point WLM to either the C:/Users/Bob/Contacts folder or preferably another one that is not on my boot drive.

I store all my data and emails on my D:/ drive for easy back-up and so they remain intact whenever I do a clean install.


Bob G