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    My subject line pretty much sums it up. I'm currently running Windows XP Home and Pro (on different computers ) and using DupFinder (Windows Support Tools) I have found a LOT of files with the same name but in different languages.

    For example, I have multiple instances of DWINTL20.DLL in the folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DW\<four-digit-number*> *the different versions are in different subdirectories

    I have a :
    • Ukrainian version (111440 bytes) in folder 1058
    • Turkish version (112016 bytes) in folder 1055
    • Thai version (108816 bytes) in folder 1054
    • Polish version (110928 bytes) in folder 1045

    and on and on.... altogether I have about 40 different language versions of just this one file, in various subdirectories of the Microsoft Shared/DW folder. This isn't the only folder that I have these types of duplicates in, either.

    Since I can't imagine when in a gazillion years I'll ever need to change ANY of my programs over to Slovak or Ukrainian or anything of the sort, can these foreign language files be safely deleted, or do I risk really pissing off my computer and programs if I try it?

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

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    The answer is yes, you can delete those files if you don't intend to use other languages.

    The question is why do you need to remove them? Have you run out of space?

    cheers, Paul

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