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    I have a Dell Inspiron, OS XP sp3. To get the puter to turn off, I have to click "Start", click " Turn off computer", Click "Turn Off", the computer will start the process to closing down and when it gets to the point to where it should turn off, the mouse arrow will freeze, then I can push power button, close the lid, and turn off the electrical power, then after a 2/3 minute the computer will completely turn off. I can then start the computer back up again normanlly as if nothing has happened. I have tried other suggestions but nothing helps

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    If all else fails, the above link provides information on doing a total rebuild without loosing your data or personal settings.
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    Does it also hang if you click "Restart"? Have you right clicked the Taskbar > Shut Down and tried it from there?

    If it does, you have to create a new shortcut and in order to do this you right click on empty area of desktop and click NEW>Shortcut. A wizard will pop up to guide you. Provide the following command lines and then name it whatever you like....shortcut to shutdown

    A friend in another forum that helped me with my Dell Inspiron 5100 when it would hang at shutting down gave me these values to insert into the wizard to create new shortcuts:

    " If you just want to schedule a restart, shutdown or logoff, you can create shortcuts on your desktop for these procedures. You can then use these shortcuts to perform these processes with one double-click. You can also add them to the Task Scheduler is you want to schedule them for automatic execution.

    Here is the syntax to enter into each shortcut's Target field:

    To shutdown your Windows XP computer:
    shutdown.exe -s -t 00

    To restart your Windows XP computer:
    shutdown.exe -r -t 00

    To logoff your Windows XP computer:
    shutdown.exe -l -t 00

    Once these shortcuts are created, you can add them to the Task Scheduler as you wish. Alternatively, you could enter the syntax directly into the Task Scheduler to have it perform the actions itself when you scheduled."

    I have them on my Dell Inspiron 5100 as well as my Dell Dimension 3000 desktop; using XP SP3


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