Is it me?

Having just installed some updates to office, I'm reminded once again of why I hate progress bars. They are all very good if they are used properly, but Microsoft seems intent on using them in some strange fashion that only it knows about. For instance:

<UL><LI>The Office installer / Windows installer that shows several progress bars completing in order to install one option (and if you have two or more from the update centre, you get to sit through it for each one);
<LI>Outlook - if you show details when sending/retrieving email, there seem to be two positions - 50% and 100% complete. 50% is shown when it starts, and 100% when it's finished, regardless of how big the email is. Even Outlook Express manages a proportional progress bar so you know how long you've got to wait for that big email.[/list]I wish Microsoft would make progress bars useful. Either that or don't have them at all and free up system resources. Whichever, they should make up their minds!!

Regards, in an exasperated sort of way