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    I have been using Windows 7 since the start of the year.I recently acquired an unwelcome visitor - a program reporting numerous virus infections that could be removed if I purchased a particular piece of software. I immediately closed down my internet connection, and deleted the suspect program. A full scan with Norton 360 reported no issues other than tracking cookies. However, since then I have been unable to use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. The browsers both report "The remote device or resource won't accept the connection". Firefox works perfectly, as before. Windows update similarly fails to work, being unable to make a connection and blaming error 0x80072EFD. I have reinstalled Windows 7, and the situation is unchanged.

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    You would have had to reformat during the reinstall to get rid of this. I suspect you got This or something like it. These are not easy to get rid of. Google search for fake virus or similar. There are ways to get rid of this but it's not easy.
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