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    Attached file has my A3 sized drawing
    My HP printer only does A4

    How can I get Visio to print across two A4 sheets, which I can sellotape together to get A3?

    TIA, Adam
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    I'm at home right now, but I've been doing a similar thing at work today: printing tabloid size (11X17) on A size without screwing up the font size, etc. You do it in the Print Preview. In the paper size box you can choose whatever size paper you want; you then have to shrink or expand so that you get whatever you want (normally says 100%). The print preview image will show you what you're going to get ...I hope. I think you could play with the centering selection to get either the left side or the right side printed. Better write down exactly what steps you take so that when (or if) you get this perfected, you can do it again.

    And, I sure hope your Visio isn't as buggy as mine!

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