An update to the popular, free scripting utility is available from AutoIt v3 - Downloads.

Release history from History:

"7th March, 2010 - v3.3.6.0


  • Added #1376: FileOpen() mode parameter is now optional. Default mode is read.
  • Added #1054: Added FileGetEncoding().
  • Added: ControlCommand() "SendCommandID" - used to send WM_COMMAND Control ID messages. Allows the automation of ToolBarWindow32 controls (amongst others). For example, the "Back" button of Internet Explorer. Use Au3Info to get the Command ID from the ToolBar tab.
  • Fixed #1428: AdlibRegister/Unregister() were incorrectly using case-sensitive function names.
  • Fixed #1448: #OnAutoItStartRegister did not work in compiled scripts.
  • Fixed #961: RegDelete() was not working properly on 64bit keys when using the 32bit version of AutoIt and HKLM64.
  • Fixed: Regression in FileOpen() where it wasn't allowed to open files in read mode if they were already open in write mode.
  • Fixed #1449: GUICtrlDelete() not working for GUICtrlCreateDummy() types.
  • Fixed #1458: Inet sizes were capped to 32-bits.
  • Fixed #1459: Hard crash when too much recursion is used.
  • Fixed #1464: Regular expressions with a single character * pattern were stopping after the first null match.
  • Fixed #1463: StringToASCIIArray() working incorrectly with UTF8 characters.
  • Fixed #1475: TrayItemSetState($Value, $Tray_Checked) incorrectly enables a disabled TrayItem.
  • Changed: Send() and ControlSend() code reworked to allow for more Unicode characters to be used.
  • Changed: FileWriteLine() performance improved.

  • Fixed #1409: Ctrl+C is no longer the shortcut for Convert. It is now Ctrl+G (Go) to avoid clashing with a Ctrl+C copy operation..

  • Fixed #1444: Controls in applications like RegEdit were left highlighted.
  • Fixed #1391: ToolbarWindow32 info only showing the first toolbar.

  • Fixed #1423: "Open Script" button stopped working.

  • Fixed: Missing .lib files readded.

  • Fixed #1438: AutoIt error when using _ArrayCombinations().
  • Fixed #1454: StringBetween() not working correctly.
  • Fixed #1441: _GUICtrlRichEdit_GetText() using wrong buffer length.
  • Fixed #1446: _ScreenCapture_Capture() was using height/width of 1 pixel less.
  • Fixed #1445: Documentation updated for _MemGlobalFree().
  • Fixed #1469: _GDIPlus_BitmapCloneArea() documentation updated.
  • Fixed #1466: _GUICtrlEdit_GetLine() returns an unexpected character.
  • Fixed #1487: _DateToDayOfWeekIso returned 0-6 but should be 1-7 where Monday = 1 "