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    Access 2007, fully patched, on Vista-64 likewise. I wanted to use Helen Feddema's LNC Renamer, part of my basic toolkit but I'd not been developing for a while, so I downloaded the latest version from her site, put it in the AddIns folder, went to Access Options, Add-ins, chose Access Add-ins, Go and up pops the Add-in Manager.

    However, I notice that Rick Fisher's Find and Replace, already installed, isn't showing. No problem, I think, he did warn that it's not tested for 2007, but it works ok. However, if I click on the empty list-box, or on Add New, all I get is an Microsoft Office Access dialog politely telling me Subscript out of range. Ok.

    Pfft. NOT ok!

    I've run a repair install of Office Ultimate, in case, but that made no difference. A long look around the internets with Google found a hint that someone once on a time had had a problem with the built-in acwztool.mde that was fixed by a repair install. So I tried a repair install but nada.

    I've got a chunk of paid work to do, and I don't fancy doing it without my usual rig of add-ins.

    Any ideas?

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    It appears to me that the latest version of the LNC Renamer may not be compatible with 2007 based on Helen's description in her Summary on her Code Samples page:
    An add-in that renames database objects (tables, queries, forms, reports, macros and modules), as well as controls on forms and reports, according to the Leszynski Naming Convention (LNC). The Access 97 version of this add-in was originally featured in a three-part article series in Smart Access, in the summer of 1998. Now supports your own custom LNC tags. The zip file includes a trial version of Rick Fisher's Find And Replace add-in. Works in Access 2000 through 2003.
    (Emphasis added for this post)
    If your client is using 2007, you might want to consider doing the development in 2002 or 2003 and then moving it to 2007. Note however that there are some user interface changes in 2007 that you may encounter. Allen Browne's Converting to Access 2007 is a good resource for what has changed in 2007.

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