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    Could really use some help with this one. I have a couple of Sony notebooks, about two years old, which have developed flakey keyboards - in the middle of typing, the keys jump around in value. This is random - no telling what will happen or when. For example, the keyboard may suddenly cause you to select and delete text, or move the cursor location so that you are typing letters into a text location where you don't want them.
    Sony says this seems to be a hardware problem, but getting Sony to repair them would probably cost more than the notebooks are worth.
    Seems like I should be able to replace the keyboards myself.
    Any suggestions on whether to try, and if so where to get the parts?

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    It probably depends on whether you have dismantled a laptop previously! It is a skill only for those with nimble fingers.

    Personally, I would try a local 'laptop repair specialist shop' and take the financial hit rather than run the risk of partially wrecking all the far-too-easily-breakable plastic lips, flanges, and grunge-warblers that manufacturers put in seemingly to make disassembly difficult... Certainly this would be cheaper that paying Sony úlots / $lots to do the repair.

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