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    I was amazed recently to discover that when you protect document formatting to only allow use of specific styles, you also lose the ability for any inline formatting, like bolding or italicizing a word, etc. Is there a way to limit the user to certain styles, but allow them to make inline changes as needed?

    I know this may seem counter productive, but I am trying to help people who with training will use styles but will not use them if there are millions of them accounting for every possible "one-off".

    Any ideas?


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    In W2003, the typical solution is to create a toolbar with the styles you want people to use. In W2007 you have several options that make it harder for users to see and apply unwanted styles without your having to protect the document:

    Create a style set. Once loaded, the styles there will appear in the styles gallery.
    Choose what styles to show in the styles pane -- recommended, in use, or in current document.
    Hide or hide until used all styles you don't want users to see in the show all styles view.

    All of these involve changes you can make in the manage styles > recommend tab.

    If you do not want styles plus formatting to appear in the styles pane, be sure to clear the three check boxes after Formatting to show as [if they
    were] styles.

    Pam Caswell

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