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    I have installation of Word 2007 Pro with all SP on it. Whenever a Word document is open including a new blank one the Error proofing comes on and keeps running (the animated icon appeasr in the lower left corner of the Word window. I have not been able to find on the web any mentioned of anyone else seeing this and wonder if anyone here has and knows how to fix? I also don't see an option for having proofing come on when opening a document.

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    The options for proofing can be found under: Office Button > Word Options > Proofing. Turn on or off the checkmarks next to 'Check spelling as you type' and 'Mark grammar errors as you type'.

    I'm not sure offhand whether these settings only apply to the current document, or to the entire application. If the former, then you may need to open your Normal template and/or any other templates you use to create documents, and make the settings with the template(s) open.


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