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    Sorry, I found it...


    Is there a way to show the push pins that Word 2007 had in the Recent Documents list to make a particular document "stay put" on the list?

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    Hi, Chuck,

    I see you found the pins. Great!

    There's also a cool feature that lets you list a few of your recent documents at the left side (in the "Navigation Bar" area of the Backstage, for want of a better term). When you have the "Recent" fly-out open, look at the bottom of the screen. You'll see a checkbox followed by the words "Quickly access this number of recent documents." To show recent documents at the left side, regardless of which fly-out menu is open, put a check in the box. To set the number of documents to display there, use the spinners (arrows) or type an integer in the box. The number can be smaller than or equal to the number of documents you've chosen to display in the main portion of the "Recent" fly-out (which you can set in Word Options anywhere between 1 and 50), but it can't be greater than that number.

    For instance, I've set my Word options to show 20 documents in the main "Recent Documents" list, but 5 in the Navigation Bar area. It's helpful because I tend to open and work on the same few documents over and over, and I like being able to see the list even when the Info fly-out menu (or another one) is open.

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