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    First time poster but long time member of WindowsSecrets ..........I am a semi-expierienced newbie since puters ain't my generation........this CONNECTIVITY thing is my weakest area of knowledge ........

    A friend of mine had Verizon FIOS and used an Actiontec M1424WR modem supplied to her.
    She moved to Brazil and gave me her modem/router.

    My questions >>>>>>>>

    1) Is it possible to use this modem/router which has both wired and wireless ports in same way as one you buy from Staples, etc. ?? - OR - Is it irretrievably tied up in some way with interior coding so that it will only work with FIOS ???????

    I am not interested in the wireless aspect at this time.

    Can I hook my daughter's cable modem ( she is in eastern PA - don't know what company she has ) up to this OR at least her ethernet cable to it ?
    I am assuming she can hook up an ethernet cable from her modem to the ethernet IN port on this FIOS modem ??????????
    Can she then hook up a second computer to one of the 4 available ethernet ports on the back ?

    2) I am told that with ANY wireless capable modem that even if I am not using the wireless capability and only using it with wired connections that I MUST enter the settings and disable the wireless or change the settings since even though I am using only wired connections that my security could be threatened. True ????????

    3) The RESET button I have read will return the modem to settings it had from the factory or in this case when it was delivered to my friend from Verizon FIOS.

    If I can use this modem, should I RESET the modem so I can access its settings and make them my own ? I presume that I cannot change to my own settings since I don't know her passwords/settings which I "assume" she made when she got the modem from FIOS.

    Any other advice and caveats would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance to all.

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    See the section on bridging here:
    Verizon usually expects these routers to be returned when service is terminated, so your friend may receive an unexpected bill.

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