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    Brian Livingston
    Routine e-mail communications from the Lounge, such as daily digests and registration verifications, were put on hold between 04:00 and 13:00 GMT on March 14 while our office building underwent planned electrical maintenance. The e-mail messages were only delayed, not lost, during this scheduled operation. The queue of delayed messages went out as normal after the nine-hour maintenance window.

    Unfortunately, the mail server that supports Lounge messages experienced a different loss eight hours later — this time, Internet connectivity rather than AC power. The connectivity outage is once more holding back e-mail notices that would ordinarily go out from the Lounge. The same problem is also delaying inbound and outbound e-mail messages to addresses. Again, no messages will be lost, but they will be postponed until the connection is restored.

    Our Internet service provider, Speakeasy, says the outage is the result of a broken connection somewhere beneath our Seattle offices. Whether this problem occurred because of the electrical maintenance work that was completed a few hours earlier is unknown. The primary telco that serves our area, Qwest, has promised that a technician will visit our building within 24 hours to troubleshoot the problem and hopefully replace the faulty wire.

    Windows Secrets isn't waiting for the repair, however. We've purchased a separate wireless Internet access account from a provider named Clear. This will give our mail server an alternative channel to the Net. The server will then regain a connection and immediately send out any e-mail notices that were delayed. The new communications link should be working by 16:00 New York time/20:00 GMT on March 16. We'll keep this back channel alive even after Qwest restores its line, in case any other outages develop in the future.

    Our apologies for the delay of e-mail notices during this Internet outage. Sometimes, Internet connectivity is a delicate thing. We're doing what we can to develop "multihoming" — paying for two or more Internet service providers in case the main one fails — an insurance system that the Lounge has never had before. Multihoming should prevent all but the most severe geological events from preventing e-mail notices from going out.

    Thanks for your patience. Please don't reply to this message, which is only an announcement. If you have a question or comment, please enter a reply in Post 773225.

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    Brian Livingston
    Our primary local telecommunications vendor, Qwest, was able to restore the broken line by 15:00 New York time/19:00 GMT on March 16. The Windows Secrets e-mail server was once again able to send and receive messages, and e-mail notifications from the Lounge are going out again. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

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