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    I am running XP Pro SP3, fully patched.

    I am having problems with my DVD drive. I think they may be autorun related.

    1) When I open it, it closes almost immediately, making it difficult to load and unload disks.

    2) When this happens, the activity lights flash very regularly.

    3) It seems to be slowing down my system, although this is not fully reproducible. For example, I just opened Google and began to type in some search terms. I did not have a cursor for maybe half a minute. When it returned, I could type a few letters and then it was gone again.

    4) I just followed the instructions that are part of

    MS KB 967715

    How to use Group Policy settings to disable all Autorun features in Windows Server 2003, Windows XP Professional, and Windows 2000

    1. Click Start, click Run, type Gpedit.msc in the Open box, and then click OK.
    2. Under Computer Configuration, expand Administrative Templates, and then click System.
    3. In the Settings pane, right-click Turn off Autoplay, and then click Properties.

    Note In Windows 2000, the policy setting is named Disable Autoplay.
    4. Click Enabled, and then select All drives in the Turn off Autoplay box to disable Autorun on all drives.
    5. Click OK to close the Turn off Autoplay Properties dialog box.
    6. Restart the computer.

    I know I turned it off. The behavior persists.


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    Have you done a complete antivirus and malware scan too?
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    Agree with CLiNT. Autorun would not be the issue as it only occurs when you actually insert a disc. When an application tries to access the DVD drive and the tray is open, Windows will pull the tray close, so some program is likely scanning the drives in the background, which is highly suspicious. If a few Malware scans come up clean, try using closing apps in the system tray, if could be a poorly written camera application scanning for a camera, etc. You could use MsConfig to stop those from loading.

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