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    We have an SQL 2005 database with an ODBC link to Access 2007. Is there an easy way to produce a list in either SQL 2005 or Access 2007 of the fields in each table with their main attributes (name, type, length) that we can paste into Word as a table?

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    In Access 2007, click on the "Database Tools" menu and select the "Database Documenter" button. This will bring up a selection box where you can choose what you wish to document. If you click the "Options" button, you can select what you want printed.

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    Here is an access app that will do this for you. Just import all the objects into a data base (make sure you have a reference to Microsoft DAO 3.5 Reference - or later) and run the button on the form. You may like to go into the code behind the button and comment out the bits you don't want or it will document all of your forms, queries and reports as well.

    Or you can just link all of the tables into this database. It works for both Jet and SQL databases although the terminology for field names are the Jet ones. Eg Long instead of Int.

    But if you want you can fiddle with the select statement in TableDoc().

    Not only will it write the name and attributes of each table into tblSchemaTable and the names and attributes of fields into tblSchemaField

    but you can also use it to document your forms, queries and reports.

    Hope this does all you want and more.
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