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    Windows 7 won't eliminate XP coverage

    By Fred Langa

    Recent reader feedback had lots to say about the relative coverage of Windows 7 versus Windows XP.

    It's no surprise that Win7 users have lots of questions about this new operating system, but Windows XP problems are still with us and need answers.

    The full text of this column is posted at (paid content, opens in a new window/tab).

    Columnists typically cannot reply to comments here, but do incorporate the best tips into future columns.

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    I always enjoy your columns. I have a follow-up question regarding pinning programs to the start menu. Is there a way to prevent a program from pinning? I have some programs that I run regularly from keyboard shortcuts that I would prefer not pinning. I know about the properties option, but I don't any option to prevent pinning.



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    Hi Aaron and welcome to the Lounge!

    Programs do not become automatically pinned to the start menu in Windows 7. The user has to take the action to pin a program. What you are most likely encountering is the display of the most recently opened programs on the start menu. The most recently opened programs are listed just below your pinned programs and it can appear that all of them are pinned.

    To change the settings for displaying recently opened programs, right click the Start Menu and select Properties . The default view should be the Start Menu tab page. Look in the Privacy box and you can uncheck both boxes if you do not want Windows to display any recently opened programs or items on the start menu or taskbar. If you want to display only 2 or 3 recently opened programs on the start menu, you can leave the first box checkmarked and click the Customize button on the Start Menu tab page, look down to Start menu size , where you can change the number from 0 up to 30.

    When you do this, the only programs you should see on the start menu are the few you have allowed, if any, and the ones that you have pinned there.

    Hope this helps.

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    Problems 'pinning' items to the Win7 Taskbar

    I the last (paid) newsletter (17th March 2010) *re the above heading.

    For years I have always pinned shortcuts of my drives\partitions onto the task bar for easy and quick access. Now with windows 7 this is impossible.*

    To get a drive\partition to open now requires a minimum of two clicks instead of the old one click. This can be more depending on what I am actually doing at the time.

    I find this a very irritating backwards step. I like the new task bar and would like to keep it but am seriously thinking about doing away with it and restoring the old (Win XP) taskbar because of this.



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