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    exchange server contacts

    I have just installed a new exchange mail server. I have a client that before we had exchange used net-folders to share his contact folders. For some reason net folders now does not seem to work in the exchange environment. What would be the best way to share these contacts now on the exchange server? Global address list? Or as a public folder?

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    Re: exchange server contacts

    netfolders won't work on default exchange folders. i thought they worked on other folders you might add though.

    they are also buggy. if he's not on your server, i'd go for sharing a public folder, but it won't be as easy for him - he'll need to access the server. (web access would be the easist)

    if he has a mialbox on the server, you can open his contacts directly, with the right permissions.

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    Re: exchange server contacts

    I am playing with the public folders now. It looks promising. Trying to figure out how to make a new tree and add new folders under that...
    Thanks for you info....

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