One year ago I opened a thread, because all of my Acc97 Apps crashed with a GPF (General Protection Fault) on a W2k3 Server as soon as a form was opened. On another W2k3 Server they behaved well as they did on the XP clients. Recently they started to fail on some new XP clients, too.

After a while I figured out the difference: The new clients were configured with Data Execution Prevention (DEP) in "opt out" mode, meaning that windows executes DEP on all programs except those individually specified. So once I created an exception for Access 97 the GPFs disappeared as well on that W2k3 Server as on the new XP clients. I found a confirmation of this issue and a nice "HowTo" guide here:

B.T.W.: I found some other apps and also an older HP printer driver misbehaving until opted out. So this is a good spot to check when experiencing strange behaviour.