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    Finally an OS where the sleep function seems to be much improved, improved so much in fact that my system will conk out right in the middle of a long video render, and I wake up, swear, wake up the computer, and it resumes rendering like nothing happened.

    Now I don't want to resort to the shut computer down when finished tic box in the program and I like the idea of putting the computer to sleep when not in use now that it seems to work well when the wakeup call comes, BUT, I'd prefer it to not go to sleep in the middle of a render.

    First question is, why is it going to sleep when processor useage is so high and consistent, I mean, doesn't Win7 know its busy when CPU usage is over 65%? Second question is, is there a remedy? I've been through the advanced power settings and nothing seems to be appropriate or pertain to CPU useage or application activity as far as keeping the system up and running until finished goes.

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    I've had that same thing happen to me too awhile back while in the middle of running VirtualDubMod.
    The program picked up were it left off without missing a beat, and no errors either.

    I'm not entirely sure how I corrected this, but instead of sleep I use the hibernation option and have extended the time
    the computer enters it. So you might want to run through your advanced power settings and tinker a bit.
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