Actually I have several problems which all developed in the past 2 weeks or so. The most troublesome one is disappearing folders. Up until a couple of weeks ago I could create folders in Program Files (X86) with no trouble, now I have run explorer as an administrator. I understand that even though I don't know what caused the change. The problem is that sub-folders that I created under these folders or that I created under folders already installed do not appear when I go to the folder. Example: If I had created a folder under NetZeroPreLoader called "documents". This "documents" folder would not be shown now.

To try to find my real folders I have checked in Explorer and even looked in the properties. The folders are not hidden, but are just not found by Explorer. I even went to the command prompt and to the folder where the sub-folders are and ran the old DOS command dir /o/p and the folders do not appear. Fortunately I have a program called PowerFile that will show them. I copied my folders to another drive so I won't lose them, but that doesn't explain why Win7 doesn't see them.

At the same time this problem appeared two other minor difficulties showed up. I use Avant Browser which is a tabbed front-end for IE. If I try to print to my default printer which is a laser and it is in power saver mode I get a popup that says I don't have rights to use the printer and to contact the system administrator. The printers window pops up at the same time and add printer is highlighted. My other printer will not show any option other than cancel either. I performed two tests to gather info on this. First, I made sure the printer was in power saver mode and tried to print from IE and got the same results. I then changed my default printer to an inkjet that does not have a power saving mode. I could print from either application to it. I then went to printer properties and in security gave everyone all rights to the printer. This solved the problem, but again doesn't explain why suddenly the problem appeared.

Second minor difficulty- My homepage is my work email site. We use Exchange and I am accessing it via Outlook Web Access. Avant Browser is set up to open a new tab if I click on a favorite or type an address in the address block so the email tab is always open. I also use AI RoboForm as my username/password manager. If a site asks for my username and password the RoboForm window pops up. At the same time the above two difficulties appeared I noticed that on some sites when I would click the back button the RoboForm window would appear with my work email passcard highlighted asking if I want to login. If I go to the first tab I will find the email login page. If I click the forward button I will move back to the email screen. The back button is moving the wrong tab to an earlier view. Since I had installed an Avant update around the time all the problems occurred I went back to the version I had previously been using and which had not exhibited the back button affecting the wrong tab. This version now has the problem as well. It is not consistent and I haven't seen it often enough to establish if it happens only on certain sites, after email has arrived, or some other particular circumstance.

The minors are just that minor and now that I know what to expect I can work around them. The disappearing folders is more problematic. If I had not had PowerFile I would not have been able to recover the almost 200MB of data that is in the various folders that Win7 will not show. I am assuming (a dangerous thing, but I have no other recourse) that some update from MS has caused these three problems and maybe more that I have not yet discovered. Has anyone else had these difficulties and more important does anyone know how to get Win7 to see my folders. Moving them to another drive is inconvenient to say the least. I did create a new sub-folder when running as administrator and Win7 will show it with no difficulty, so I can transfer my files back to the (X86) area, but I don't want to take the chance of this sort of thing becoming a regular occurrence.