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    Last week I decided to finally update my then little used but perfectly working Internet Explorer 7 to Internet Explorer 8 on my Windows XP Pro notebook.

    The only thing I used the Internet Explorer for is actually for using the Windows Update function, which is usually once per month.
    I'm a proud Opera browser user.
    I also had my Security / Automatic Updates function set to 'OFF', preferring to Custom check for the Updates myself, after being sure I actually thought these updates were necessary.

    Since that IE8 update, I did a check at the Windows Update site ... & all is not well, I'm afraid.
    Whether I select either the Custom or the Express update, Microsoft then checks for all the latest updates on my computer .... & then keeps checking for all the latest updates ... & then continues to keep checking for updates;
    endlessly & continually .....
    never with a result to be found, as the machine just keeps whirrrring along, through its Checking For Updates process.

    I've since removed the Internet Explorer 8, I've checked that both my Java & Adobe Flash are both the latest versions & are functioning OK - but whenever I do that Windows Update check, it just keeps on the never-ending process of checking for those updates, without ever finishing with any result.

    I've absolutely no doubt the answer is both simplistic & obvious, so any thoughts/tips/reasons/advice would obviously be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm used to WU scans taking a very long time on my 3-year-old XP laptop, but they do eventually come to an end. I'm not sure what would cause it to hang.

    Regarding updates, I recommend "Download updates / let me choose when to install", and then reviewing/approving the individual updates, as the best balance of prompt notification, convenience, and control. However, if you prefer to wait an extended period, then this setting can create problems because some updates may become hidden and have to be unhidden in order to be re-downloaded and installed.

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