I tried posting this in General Office Solutions but with no response, perhaps this one is more appropriate...
I created a workbook that used embeded buttons from the toolbox (active X controls?). I installed it on a standalone win98 office 97 (no SRs) but found it wouldn't compile the project because the ActiveEx type library was missing. The Tools>References dialog box in the VBE states that it is looking in:
C:PROGRAM FILESMICROSOFT OFFICEOFFICEADDINSA???????? (i can't read it because the dialog box is too small!!)

On my PC there are 3 files this could possibly be:
activeex.dll (80kb, Application Extension, modified 20/2/99).
ACTIVEEXLib.TWD (4Kb, TWD File, modified 14/11/00) I have no idea what a TWD file is.
Awfext.ecf (3Kb, ECF File, modified 21/11/96) Even less idea what this is.

Can i just use a floppy to copy the DLL to the identical location in the Win98 machine?
What is a TWD file and do i need to copy it to?
I presume the ECF is nothing to do with the problem and can be ignored?

As a stop-gap solution i tried deleting the buttons and assigning keyboard shortcuts to their respective macros, but Excel still insisted on having the missing DLL. It wouldn't let me untick it from the References list, saying it was required. When i create a new workbook this box is not ticked so presumably i can remove it somehow from the problem workbook?!?!?!

Thanks in advance,