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    I am running XP Pro SP3, fully patched.

    Does anyone know if software controls the amount of time a DVD drive tray remains open before it snaps shut automatically? If so, is it buried in the OS somewhere?

    I have a brand new Sony Optiarc Model AD-7241S DVD writer. My PC builder exchanged my old Samsung for this device when the Samsung began consistently burning coasters.

    At some point the Samsung began snapping shut very quickly when I pushed the load button and released it. I was hoping that the Sony would behave like my legacy HP CDWriter 9200i. It stays open until I push the load button a second time to close the tray. This suits my 70-year-old dexterity a lot better. I am hoping that there is a setup file somewhere that I can open and change to make both drives behave the same way.


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    The Microsoft corporation in collaboration with CD drive manufacturers should research and implement a new and better way to improve CD file storage, file copying /deletion, formatting of CDs as well as making CD types more user friendly to the general PC customer base.

    Such a multitude of CD types as CD-R, CD-RW, DVR-R etc, only make for confusion and waste. Also formatting prohibitions and the burn files button (which is an unnecessary step of course you want to burn files to your CD). There is also the slowness in reading the content of CDs and the preparing to eject message. At certain times the OS gets confused at reading the CD and you get no messages and the CD will not eject.

    Many of these problems never existed with the 3 floppy disk which gave you direct and simple messages.

    Does anyone know if Windows 7 has simplified CD usage ?? I have Vista and am considering migrating to Windows 7. I hope that the Vista to Windows 7 migration software will automatically handle and smoothly transfer all of my file types many of which were produced starting with Windows 95.

    Thanks for your help...


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