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    My main Vista PC has an issue (blue screening) when I attach my smartphone to synchronize the information. To prevent that, I log off the primary PC and log in at another Vista PC. We use roaming profiles for situations just like this.

    When I open Outlook 2007 (not even plugging in the phone yet) on the second PC, I get a ton of old messages, tasks that have been deleted, calendar items in the past. It's like it isn't working with the same .PST file, but that file is stored in My Documents, which is part of the profile which is stored on our domain controller.

    What's happening?


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    You can check the location of the folder being used on each PC by clicking on File/Data File Management - the dialog box that pops up shows you the location of all of the PST (and OST if you have them) Personal Folders. And a question - are you by chance using Exchange Server?

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