I have been having a problem uploading a large file (11 megs) via FTP. When I try to upload, it looks like it is "timing out" after about 75 seconds. It then trys to reconnect and attempt to re-send the file, but then hangs up completely. It also then temporarily drops my internet connection and drops all network traffic until I shut down the FTP client softward.

I was orginally using FileZilla, also have tried to use different FTP probrams (the FTP add-in for Mozilla FireFox browser and CuteFTP, but all had the exact same problem.

Smaller files (sometimes up to 5 megs) work without problem.

I have two computers on the same network, and this only happens on Computer A. On Computer B, upoading the same file, to the same server, using the same local router, modem, ISP, etc. it works perfectly without problem. So there is nothing in the server, or the network/internet connection that is causing the problem.

When the problem occurs, it stops network activity to BOTH computers (streaming radio, etc.), until the FTP program is shut down, then network traffic resumes.

The only difference is that on Computer A, I HAD Symantec Endpoint Protection installed and enabled. Thinking that this might be part of (or all of) the problem, I uninstalled EndPoint Protection, so there was NO anti-virus program and NO Firewall running. That did not solve the problem.

It has to be some setting on that one computer that is different from the other computer, as everything else is identical.

Any help is appreciated.