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    I just started using a website that requires UserID and Password to login. IN IE8, I have AutoComplete turned on. AutoComplete did not memorize the User ID and password used on the login page, and I have yet to find a way to tell IE to memorize the info with a command, instead of relying on the browser to do it automatically.

    Is there a program out there that will facilitate editing the AutoComplete info, or failing that, a toolbar that would, with a button, force Autocomplete to memorize the page info?


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    Instead of using the browser to remember your login info, why not try a password manager. I use Last Pass for mine. There are several good candidates, but this seems to be one of the higher rated and secure ones. It encrypts all your data on your local PC. You can utilize the same account on multiple PC's. It works very well. You set a Master Password which becomes the last password you need to remember. The app will enter both your ID and password. It also has a very good form filler. Try it, you will like it.
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