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    I have a custom built WHS that I also have attached to Sans Digital TRM5-B enclosure for added storage. I am also using the Home Server SMART add-in, which among other things provides SMART data on the drives that are able to provide that data. I recently discovered that any disks installed in the TRM5-B enclosure are unable to provide SMART data. Per conversations with Sans Digital, this is due to the stock PCIe HBA card that the enclosure is connected to lacking this functionality. Upon request, they pointed me to an alternative HBA card that they resell (Highpoint 2314 to be exact) that would provide this functionality. As I would like to have this data available for any drives installed in the enclosure, I am prepared to buy it but had some questions regarding transitioning over to it.

    At present, I have two drives in the enclosure( 1X1.5 TB and 1X2 TB). If I pull the existing HBA card and replace with the Highpoint, WHS is obviously not going to see any of the drives until after I've installed the drivers for the card, which is expected. What I am unsure of is whether I should remove the drives from the storage pool beforehand (presuming WHS determines that enough space exists to relocate data to other drives, which should be the case) or if WHS will function "normally" again after doing the HBA card swap / installing the drivers so that it's able to see them.

    If anyone can provide any insight / feedback here, it would be appreciated.

    - Bill

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    I can't provide any definitive information. I'd take the more conservative approach and relocate the data and remove the HDs from the storage pool. It would be terrible to go through the effort and then not have access to your data.

    BTW, check out the fourms at The Windows Home Server Enthusiast Community and the blog roll on the lower right of that page. Those are more WHS focused sites. Most are enthusiast sites and you'll find many experienced people who are very willing to help.


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