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    Hi folks,

    I've been asked by a client to solve a problem. They have data in a 7-column Word table in one document. The same exact data has to be replicated in another document, but in the second document the table has 11 columns.

    I'd appreciate suggestions on ways to handle this. I've attached a sample of how it would look (tho with no data for confidentiality reasons). In Table X all the columns would be completed; in Table Y all the non-shaded columns would contain the information from Table X.

    If it would be easier, we can work in Excel.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Well the blank merged row does make this difficult, but if you delete the blankmerged row, you can achieve this quite easily.

    In the new document, copy/paste the 7 column table. Then from the 11-column table select and copy columns 2 + 3.

    Note: to select a column, hover the mouse just above the top of the column until the pointer turns into a small, black down pointing arrow and then Right-Click and select COPY. To select two adjacent columns, just drag the pointer across the two column tops.

    In the new document, select column 2, then right-click and Paste as new columns. Then do the same for the other two additional columns.

    This works perfectly as long as there are at least and many rows in the 7 column table as needed in the 11 column table (doesn't matter if there are more) AND that you delete the blank merged row (it can be easily added afterwards if needed.)


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    As an alternative to deleting the blank merged row, you could: select it, press Alt+Shift+DownArrow to move it to the last row of the table, and then use Table > Split Table to temporarily remove the merged row from the table.

    Then when you're finished copying the data, the blank merged row could be restored to the table by selecting the paragraph mark that separates it from the table above it, and pressing Delete.
    Then select the merged row, and Alt+Shift+UpArrow to move it back up into the table.


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