I have twice contacted IOGEAR and have gotten incoherent responses to this question. Can any one help sort it out?
Now I have twin SAMSUNG SynchMaster 204B monitors connected to two computers.via the IOGEAR KVM. One monitor operates off the two analog outputs; one, off the two digital.
Both computers at this time run Win XP 32 bit. Computer A is undergoing brain surgery in preparation to the Win 7 32 bit install. It will have an ASUS M4A78T-E mobo with ATI Hybrid CrossFireX technologu on the board (I don't intend to install a card unless I find I need too). Computer "B" has a GIGABYTE S-Series GA-EP35-DS4 mobo with an XFX NVidia GEFORCE 8600GT video card running Win XP 32 bit.
The plan is to have "A" run Win 7 32 bit and "B" to run Win 7 64 bit. Both will be Win 7 Professional. Both setups either pass the Win 7 Upgrade adviser ("B") or are advertised as meeting Win 7 requirements.
This setup is very important to me.