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    I have one e-mail recipient that when he sends e-mails to me, they are always unreadable unless I look them up from web-e-mail program. Once the e-mail comes into my Outlook 2003 it is distorted.
    This happened after I created a PST and placed the file onto another computer. Since then I can't read his e-mails. Running on Vista - on my XP machine they look fine.
    I have tried to change the encoding, but nothing changed. I deleted him from my address book and re-added him once he sent me an e-mail again.
    Why does only his e-mail get distorted? It's a bunch of jibberish and super long. What else can I do or look at? Thank you for your help.

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    Are you using AVG? I remember that receiving HTML emails from one particular source always showed in plain text. The secret was (if I remember correctly) to change the option that appends "Checked by AVG" (or something along those lines) so it was not appended. Then the emails came in formatted at HTML from then on.

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