I am at my wits end trying to work with tech support at Microsoft in the Philippine Islands. I am running Windows XP/Windows 7 dual boot with virtual XP mode enabled. I have a partitioned my 200 gig hard drive which shows 76.7 gigs for C drive (Windows XP) and 109 gigs on D drive (Windows 7). Almost constantly the free space on D drive shrinks at an alarming rate. At 3 AM on Sunday 4/4/10 windows explorer showed 49.6 gigs of free space and at 9 PM on Tuesday 4/6/10 the free space was pegged at 37.8 gigs. Free space shrunk over 15 gigs and I add virtually no programs and very little data. Microsoft support and I are on a first name basis as I have spent easily 25 hours talking with them. Tonight Ash, a level 2 support manager, said it is a design problem with Virtual XP Mode. Virtual C hard drive space allocated on D drive operates in “Differencing” mode which means it continues to grow regardless if additional space is needed.
I am not quite sure if I explained this issue so it is easily understandable but I do know I need help and would appreciate anything you can do to find a solution prior to all the space is gone and I need to start over every few months.