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    Dear Loungers,

    I am using Excel 2007. I seem to remember in previous versions I could move the position of my comment, in relation to the cells it refers to. This is useful because. for example, if you have freeze frames on, the "split" line shows through the comment and can make it unreadable. So if I have comments against column headings and the split just below the headings I need the comment to appear below that split to guarantee readability. What I have discovered is that if I move the comment position, whilst in edit mode, it does not change the comment position except when I have selected Show comment, if in the normal mode of showing the comment on hover the position is in the original place. This is also a nuisance, in regard to editing comment when a split has been applied because on selecting the text in a comment it doesn't appear to want to select "below" a split line, in fact it does do it but it's very confusing. Can I do something about this?

    I also thought that by setting the default based on the current comment selection all new comments would conform to that new default? I don't seem to be able to make this stick, any suggestions?

    Thank you....................... liz

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    That behaviour is unchanged from previous versions, I'm afraid.

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