Hi all

We're in the midst of a desktop refresh project and plan to migrate our 1500+ users from XPSP2/Office2003 to XPSP3/Office2007. We read a Microsoft article that states that USMT3 does not migrate mapped network drives and network printers but USMT2.6.2 does so we used that instead. However, during testing we discovered USMT2.6.2 does not migrate settings to Office 2007. So it appears we must use USMT3 to migrate our users' Office 2003 settings to Office 2007.

1. Is this correct? If so, how can we also migrate our users' mapped network drives and network printers please?

2. We heard about a USMT3 gui wrapper from Dan Cunningham called Workstation Migration Assistant (WMA) http://dcunningham.net/2007/11/22/a-...ion-assistant/ that simplifies the process. What are others' experience of using this, with particular reference to our migration scenario please?