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    I use to use Outlook signature to insert reused content in replies. In Outlook 2007 now when I reply and insert there are two lines above the content that I have to go back and remove before sending. That's when I discovered the new Quick Parts feature. I've now moved my most commonly used content over to Quick Parts. Is there a way to change the Quick Parts view to show only a list and not show the content? With the content showing I have to scroll up and down to find the one I need. All I need to see is the name I gave it know which I want. Is there a way to shorten the drop down view to just a list?

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    I've not used Quick Parts enough to be very helpful, but there are a couple of nice tutorials using them in Word and Outlook. See Create and use document building blocks in Word 2007 and Create reuseable text blocks for e-mail messages. Word 2007 is the editor for e-mail messages, so you can use the text snippets in both places.

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