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Thread: BSOD Problem

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    Lately I have been having a problem that is driving me crazy. I have an external HDD ( a D-Link DNS-323 with two 1Gb drives running in RAID 1) connected via a USB cable to my Dell 390 workstation. If I try to simply rename a file on the external drive, my Dell crashes with the BSOD message "No more IRP stack locations." I've been using the D-Link box for over a year without a problem (other than this).

    Google searches for the BSOD message suggest that the cause is either a bad driver (which hasn't been changed since the D-Link was first installed, or a bad memory chip in the workstation. However, memtest-86 reports no problems with the Dell's memory.

    Any other ideas?

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    Hi John and welcome to the Lounge!

    Check your Event logs in Administrative Tools under Control Panel. See if there are any red error notifications related to the BSOD and note the EventID of the error event. You can do a search online for the EventID and may obtain some useful links to resolve the issue.

    Although you have been using the same driver for some time now, the driver may have recently become corrupt. I would download and install a fresh driver, a newer version if it is available to see if that fixes your problem.

    If no joy on the driver, you can check out this Microsoft link for the registry edit procedure to increase the IRP stack size. Although the specific issue mentioned in this link is related to an antivirus fault generating the error message, the procedure to increase the IRP stack size is the same. If you try this, be sure to follow the instructions carefully, particularly the one to back up your Registry (I would also create a Restore Point).

    This link provides a definition of IRPStackSize.

    Hope this helps.

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