I have an update to the Word Date & Time Manipulation document ([topic=249902]Word Date Calculation Tutorial[/topic]) put together by macropod...

Ordinal numbers can be created directly by Word so that to create

Tuesday the 13th of April, 2010

You would just have to insert the following (I've typed it you will need to insert using fields):

{DATE \@ "dddd'the {DATE \@ d \*ORDINAL} of' MMMM,yyyy}

This can't do the superscripted formatting but can at least automate the changing of the date.

I wonder if at the same time I might ask for a little help...

I want to be able to ask for a date and use the date entered both to display and as input to two calculation the first calculation needs to calculate a date one year minus one day into the future such that if the input date is 01/01/2010 the resultant date is 31/12/2010 and if the second is a simple year in the future. Can these be calculated using fields?

Thanks in anticipation for any help given and hope the update if of use.


Terry Kinnard