I am using a Windows XP PC (SP3 with 2GB memory) as a MS workgroup "server" with a shared folder directory configured.

On a Vista PC, I successfully mapped a drive to this shared folder on the XP workgroup server.

I then create a Word doc on the Vista PC and save it to the Windows XP workgroup server's shared folder.

I open Windows Explorer on the Vista PC and click-on "Network" icon on the left panel to view network drive mapped to the
XP shared folder. However upon opening the mapped drive, I see files in the shared directory however ,I do NOT see the file
I just saved in that same shared folder.

Now here's the interesting twist, if I view the folder through a different path within the Vista PC Explorer window, i.e. shared documents,
I see the saved file.

My thought is the Windows Vista may be caching the file directory of the shared XP drive when the Vista machine first boots but it would
seem that it does not requery the XP shared directory over the network (unless you reboot the Vista PC forcing it to (re)query the shared drive.

If my theory is correct, is there a way to force the Vista PC to requery the XP shared directory when you click-on the mapped drive in Explorer?
Or, am I just overlooking something more obvious?

Insights appreciated.