HP laptop dv9317cl running Vista SP2 with Broadcom internal wireless G card. Wireless router is a D-Link DIR-615 draft "N" connected to a DSL ISP.

This set up has worked for over a year with few issues.Several weeks ago the internal wireless card simply stopped working. All indications were the card had quit. I ordered and installed a new card and it also failed to work at all. After letting the machine sit idle for a week, I booted up and "viola" the internal card is working just great. I shut down and restarted and it was gone. HP has a program called HP Wireless Assistant that turns the internal card on and off. When the card stops working, wireless assistant stops working and can not be accessed or started in any way. I gave up and purchased a Netgear USB 2 "N" adaptor. I installed it and it worked great at N band speeds much faster than the internal G card. Problem solved for 5-6 days. Out of the blue, the USB adapter refuses to connect. Same set of circumstances,i.e., there was nothing I could do to make it connect. FYI, during all of this a small 9" netbook running WIN XP is connecting flawlessly as is a desktop plugged into the router via ethernet. Several IPOD's are also connecting without issue.

After much research and tinkering, I can get the USB adapter to connect on occasion, but not with any consistency. Sometimes it will, most of the time it will not connect. I can plug the laptop in with the ethernet cable and it works fine. I went to the HP help web site and found 78 pages of complaints similar to mine and no solutions. A common thread among the complaints seems to be, after a windows update, the wireless system stops working. Several folks indicated that they spent $300-$550 to have a repair tech perform a complete clean re-install of their operating systems to get the wireless to work again. That ain't gonna happen when I can buy a new one for 700 bucks. Yesterday I was tinkering again with the USB adapter when I noticed the internal G card was working again. It worked all day until I let the computer go into sleep mode and it , alas, gone again.

I know this is wishful thinking, but does anyone out there have any cogent thoughts on this matter??