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    Hi, all. I know this problem goes way back; I'm hoping someone has some new light to shed.

    We have documents that contain text copied from a PDF file. In the file are symbols; in this particular case, the symbol is the greater-than-or-equal-to character. When pasted into Word, it seems to become a lower-case epsilon, as if someone applied the symbol font to the greater-than... character. The weird thing is, when one uses CTRL+spacebar to reset the character formatting, non-printing characters appear. (This is the part that many of you have seen, i'm sure.) Not only are they not readily apparent, but they seem to be some sort of weird ligature or accent, appearing underneath adjacent text as a dot.

    I'm attaching a small document that illustrates the problem. The first line shows the text copied from a PDF document, and pasted using the "keep source formatting" option. The second line is the same text, pasted with the "match destination formatting" option. Note that the "mystery character" that appears adjacent in the above scenario actually appears as a more obvious character (one that sort of reflects the fact that the ASC() function returns 63 when I tried to find out just what it was.

    Can anyone shed any light on this?

    What has Word wrought??
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    I can only assume that the characters must be those ASCII codes in the Acrobat file to start with. If you paste the PDF content into another program (eg Notepad) do you actually get a different result for those characters?

    Have you tried using Acrobat's save as RTF to see if you get the same result?
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