On our SBS NT4.00 SP 6 server we have NT Backup scheduled to run at 2200 'weekly' on Mon, Tues Wed, Thurs & Fri. Sometimes the backup job (writing to a tape drive) takes more than 2 hours to complete. Ie the backup starting at 2200 on Wed 17/01/01 doesn't finish until 0030 Thurs 18/01/01. When this happens, the next scheduled backup (2200 on Thurs 18/01/01) doesn't run at all. I can see that this might be because NT considers that a backup has already run on that date (which is logical, but still a pain). However, when this occurs, the backup fails to run on the following days as well. There is no 'failed' message in Event Viewer & nothing at all appears on my backup log. I even re-scheduled the job for Friday 20/01/01 to 2100 but it still failed to run. Would I be better off to change the schedule to 'daily'? Any suggestions at all on how to get it rolling again would be greatly appreciated!