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    Dear all,

    I'm using Outlook 2003 SP3 in an enterprise environment with Exchange 2003. To archive my e-mails I'm using several PSTs.

    I have subfolders for incoming e-mail and outgoing e-mail in my PSTs. Those subfolders are configured with different fields to display. For example in the incoming e-mail folder I have configured the "from" field and in the outgoing e-mail folder the "to" field.

    For some reason those views are not retained and get messed up from time to time.

    Do you have any idea how to teach Outlook to keep the view configuration?


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    Quote Originally Posted by werder View Post
    Do you have any idea how to teach Outlook to keep the view configuration?
    Not exactly, what you CAN do is name and and save your Custom views, then reapply them if a view gets out of kilter. View | Arrange By | Current View | Define Views. Once you have created and named a View, when you wish to apply it go back through the same dialog and use the Apply View button.

    "Spontaneous" View changes are not an everyday issue, but are an occasional known problem with Outlook. View inheritance is also not completely reliable in Outlook (newly created folders should inherit the view settings from the parent they were created under).
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