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    I have a backup of all my files on an external hard drive but I would like to create a second backup of my MP3 files on DVD +R. I'm guessing that compressing the files will save a lot of space so I was wondering which is the best compression software.

    Will compressing the files degrade them in any way or should I just copy them to DVD?

    I am using Windows 7 Home Premium and I have Winzip 14.0 Pro which I intend to use if opinions are favourable

    Thanks for any comments

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    Are you thinking of, say, ZIP compression? MP3 files probably won't compress very much. You could look at some non-standard archiving formats or compression methods supported by modern ZIP programs, but I still wouldn't expect a big savings.

    You could significantly reduce the size of an MP3 by re-encoding it at a lower quality. But that's probably not helpful in the long run.

    == Edit ==

    Here's an article from WinZip that might help: Why don't some files compress very much? - WinZip Computing :: Knowledgebase

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    MP3 is already a compressed format. You could not get much benefit from further compression. And reducing the bitrate significantly affects playback quality. The best bet is just to copy the MP3 files as-is. Even copying and recopying them will degrade playback quality, as MP3 is not a lossless format. But that's your best bet. Today's large hard drives are so cheap that space should not really be an issue. Just get a bigger drive or several smaller drives. If using DVD or CD as a backup medium, just bite the bullet and use more disks.
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