Okay here's the long story, (or you can cut to the Chase):

I was helping a friend figure out why she got some of her photos duplicated, sometimes more than once, whenever she synched her IPad to her computer, or uploaded photos to Facebook. She had had her computer "wiped" (I'm not sure how or why) and was given a DVD with all her photos (actually every jpg on the computer -- including all the images from every webpage etc etc) so she put them back into the My Pictures, creating folders to organize them, and deleting all the ones she didn't want. At that point, she said she would have noticed any duplicates and I looked on the DVD -- there were no duplicates. She demonstrated by synching just one folder and sure enough there were now duplicates of some of the photos on her IPad.

I turned off the "hide filenames of known file types" and then took a look at the files in that folder, ordering them by name to check for duplicates. None there. I tried searching for similar problems in all the forums, including on graphics forums, no luck. I ran a duplicate file finder program, that used context and not just the name, and yes, it found the same photos in that folder, plus some others in other folders. She was convinced there was something wrong with Windows because, obviously we'd have heard if something with as much use as Facebook would have generated some chatter on the web. I maintained that Windows wouldn't rename a file without anyone telling it to. If Windows gets a second copy of a file it "renames" it by putting a (2) by the original filename.

Finally, I took a look at the properties of one of the duplicated photos, in case it just looked the same to us. No, the two photos were taken at the exact same instant. BUT now I see that they have different filenames. So of course, as far as Windows cares, they aren't duplicates. It's an easy job to just delete the "duplicates"

The Chase: She didn't rename any of them (and the "names" were the same numbering type that the camera does) so who did? What process would have renamed those files? Also, it only happened to some of the files in that folder, and some had only one extra copy but one of them there were 4 total. Gosh, it's a puzzle.

Thanks, Callie