I use Windows Live Sync to keep three PCs in sync with each other, the one at school (XP), my laptop (Vista Home Premium 64), & my desktop at home (Win 7 Home premium 64). Live Sync refuses to run on the Win 7 PC. It tries to start but gets an unknown error and quits. I tried to reinstall and the download is successful, but the install fails with an unknown network error.

The desktop is configured as follows:

  1. Intel I7 CPU
  2. 6GB Ram
  3. Win 7 Home Premium 64
  4. Peer to Peer Home Network
  5. Linksys Router
  6. Ethernet connection
  7. C Drive is Sata 640GB
  8. D Drive is Sata 1TB

I have posted a similar question on the Windows Live Forum. The only response was to download some MS Office cleanup utility and re-install.

The utility completed successfully (or so it said), but the re-install failed just as before.

Any suggestions?