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    I am a relative "newbie' and I am trying to help out my 88 year old mother on her new laptop. It came with Windows7, which is new to her and me but only a 60 day trial of MS office suite 2007 ? and because she is on a fixed pension she refuses to pay for it at the end of the trial. She uses excel and word and she does have a XP backup disc from the previous laptop including MS 2003. Can we load the MS 2003 to her new system or would it be better to get rid of Windows 7 and upload her backup discs from the old laptop please? HELP

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    You probably need to be careful with the backup route.
    Is it a backup or the restore disk from the original machine?
    If it is the original restore disk, it will probably not work on the new laptop.
    If it is a backup you could run into driver compatibility issues between hardware on the new laptop and the old one,
    and end up with a machine that does not work.
    Before doing this it might be worth looking into Open Office
    This has a word processor and a spreadsheet, and it is free.
    There would be a learning curve, but it is reasonably good at opening Word 2003 and Excel 2003 sheets,
    and the interface is not that far away from older versions of office.
    If money is an issue, it is worth looking into.

    You can download a copy here

    Image below shows Example of Excel File in Open Office

    [attachment=88573:Example OO.jpg]
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Before the 60-day trial is over, Office 2010 Starter edition should be available. This will be a FREE download and comprises trimmed down versions of Word and Excel 2010. Uninstall Office 2007 before installing the Office Starter edition. Customisations and user files will not be affected.

    You have to suffer a small advert window as a penance for not paying, but it is perfectly adequate for most home computing needs. It also has low demands and runs really well on low powered Netbooks. Office 2010 went RTM earlier this week which usually precedes public release by 4 to 6 weeks, though it is available for download for MSDN subscribers today.


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    I had Office 2003 on my Win 7 PC's before I upgraded to Office 2007. They work fine together. Generally Office allows 3 full installations before having to contact MS for a new key. If you have the original installation disks for Office 2003, uninstall the trial version, then install 2003 and use the original key. It may just surprise you and install appropriately. I would not recommend going back to Win XP. Win 7 is so much more secure. If your mom is anything like mine (80 yo) she likes to look at everything sent to her even though I have admonished her to not do this repeatedly.
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