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    We currently host approximately 600 email clients on Exchange 2007. We have a dozen or so Blackberry users who currently use a third party for email. We want to bring them in-house and I am looking at using Blackberry Enterprise Server Express. Is anyone out there using BES Express? I'm looking for any info I can get. My questions include:
    - Is it really free? I know the BES Express license and CALS are free, but are there other components needed, such as the Administration or web manager that aren't free?
    - Is putting BES Ex on the Exchange Server (vs a separate server) really a good idea? RIM recommends it for 75 or fewer users.
    - Any implementation issues?
    - Are you satisfied with it?

    Thanks to anyone who can provide some insight here!!!

    Just wanted to add a little info that I received from RIM regarding support. You get one free call with your download BES Express. You can purchase support from RIM. Their top level support is called Advantage and is $1499/yr, their basic support, called Enhanced, is $725/yr.

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    This is a relatively recent release, so I don't know how many people would have implemented it already. I think you are right to be nervous about adding new applications to the Exchange Server.

    I don't know whether there is an official forum for Blackberry administrators, but you could check the Crackberry forum to see whether anyone has posted any experiences there. See: BlackBerry Administrators - BlackBerry Forums at

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