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    I have a motherboard with an on board video card and am running 32 bit Win7 Pro.

    At the moment I have 2GB RAM installed and the video card properties report

    Dedicated video memory 64Mb
    Shared system memory 735Mb
    Total available 799Mb

    In theory, if I increase the RAM to 4GB can I use the 'extra' to boost video memory.

    I haven't detailed my mobo or video 'card' details - I just want to know, at this stage, whether it is possible.


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    What motherboad and graphics? They are all different and they have different methods of allocating system memory for graphics use. Usually there is a dedicated minimum allocated: the maximum memory is dependent on the total system memory up to a point. For example, the graphics may have 256Kb minimum dedicated, 500kb if there is up top 1Gb system memory, but only 640Kb for over 1Gb. So thropwing more memory may have no effect.

    You also have the 32-bit memory mapping limitation that kicks in at just over 3 GB. I suggest that you check the motherboard manufacturer's support site wwhich should include the information you want. Why do you think you need more than 799Mb?


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