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    It seems that when one adds folders to a library in Windows 7, the order in which they are added is the permanent order in which they appear. Without having to delete and re-add folders to particular libraries, is there a way to re-sort the order so that they are alphabetical?

    Thanks! Ron

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    Hi Ron,

    You can sort folders and files under a library by right clicking in the Content Pane of Windows Explorer and selecting Sort by.. which has several criteria, two of which are ascending and descending. For example, when I select my Documents library in the Navigation Pane, a list of all folders and files in that library are displayed in the Content Pane, and when I right click in an open area in the Content Pane, I can choose Arrange by, Sort by, or Group By . When I choose Sort by Ascending, all my folders are sorted alphabetically, followed by files that are sorted likewise.

    In the Sort by and Group by context menu there is a More selection that will allow you to display additional fields (depending on your file type) by which you can apply sorting and grouping.

    In the column headings such as Name, Date Modified, etc.etc., when you place your mouse on one of the headings you will see a drop arrow on the right hand side of the heading. You can click that to see some filter options that will help you select certain criteria to display files that meet the criteria. This is helpful when you apply a filter to a rather lengthy list of folders and files.

    Hope this helps.

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    You can also right-click on the Library in Explorer. The Properties dialog displays a list of locations - you can drag-and-drop those locations to change the order of appearance.

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