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    Oracle releases Java patch earlier than expected

    By Susan Bradley

    If you thought your Java was fully brewed with last week's patch, guess again.

    After two security researchers revealed a new vulnerability in Oracle's Java app, the company quickly sent out a surprise update.

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    This patch also brings back the browser toolbar dilemma. Although Java 6 Update 19 did not offer a toolbar, Update 20 tried to push a Yahoo toolbar onto my system. (See Figure 1.) Others have reported attempts to add the Bing toolbar — and over in the UK, no toolbar was offered at all.

    I've applied the latest Java patch from the Update tab of the Java applet in Control Panel, and have not seen any toolbar offer this time. I use Firefox as my default browser (I have IE8 also) on a Windows XP SP3 system that started out with HP OEM Win XP SP2. I'm in the DFW area in Texas.

    Cheers, Jochen

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